Film & TV tracking services ltd



  • a bespoke articulated camera tracking low loader vehicle.
  • The main bed is 8 meters long and has a maximum legal width of 2.55 meters (8 feet 3 inches) which can be extended by 61 cm (2 feet) each side (subject to a police escort) and has a working length of 7.31 meters (24 feet).
  • The plated gross weight of 9000 KG (9 metric tons) gives it the legal capacity to carry a large vehicle such as an American Galaxy (pictured below left). 
  • The rear wheel width can also be hydraulically extended to accommodate loading large vehicles.
  • The waterproof crew cabin "pod" has full leather seating and lap safety belts for 8 persons.
  • The pod is insulated and padded for sound and warmth and has internal lighting, 3 pin electric sockets, and a central monitor providing a forward visual picture by aid of a front camera on the unit and a Red/Green automatic warning light when the vehicle's handbrake is activated providing you with a visual indication when safe for you to move.
  • There's a fan heater for those early morning and late night shoots and two tinted opening sliding windows and two air roof spinners providing fresh air as and when required.
  • The trailer and unit total "air" suspension allows a fully adjustable ride height and optimum ride quality, complete with safety hand rails, additional tubes and fittings, safety harnesses, securing points and straps, first aid kit and two fire extinguishers.
  • The rear of the pod has a lockable roller blind fitted and a permanent stainless steel lighting goal post, deck working lights and ladder style hand rails.